Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Have You Seen The Light?

"Tell me, have you seen the light?"

Said the Vicar to the boy.

"Nay Father, I have not yet.

But I've heard its tainted joy."


To hear the word, this word of God.

'Tis something we must trust.

'Else wait the fiery pits of Hell,

Forsake our faith we must.


Why must we wait, toil and suffer?

For a power we cannot see?

The truth these men so eagerly hide.

The power is you and me.


They don their robes, their cloaks of gold.

And speak in tongues long dead.

And preach the word of a Greater Good.

That only to them was said.


We are the good, although they preach,

Unworthy of peace untold.

But watch us purge this leperous arm,

And behold the change unfold.




It's us, it's we

It's you and me.

Left to us, it's true.

To right these wrongs,

And sing these songs,

And do just as we do.


No higher place, no stronger race,

No almighty being who can.

Save our souls from sinners' blows

And love our fellow man.


Against plague and troubled hardship,

Together we must band.

It takes good deeds and human needs,

To save this wondrous land.


We are the Good, we are the Light,

The Beauty and the Love.

And in the end, we all take flight

To soar as peaceful doves.


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