Saturday, May 7, 2011


Like it or not, when all else dissolves and melds together into something we cannot understand, the wisest thing to do is to extricate ourselves from it and get back to basics. We broaden our views, we reevaluate our values, our beliefs, our ideas. We ponder what matters most and what we can do without. Purge ourselves of the things that cause only pain. When all's said and done, we can look at ourselves and be happy. Why? Because we've managed to isolate what makes us happy and we've gone for it; full steam ahead. What else is there to life, than to be happy? To enjoy it? To rejoice in every smile and revel in each moment we are with those we care about?
But we are only human, and as such, we are prone to such fits of rational thinking that we forget what makes us happy, and debate it instead. Things are no longer so simple as: "That makes me hella happy." No, now it's become: "Does it really make me happy?" Why follow in Hamlet's footsteps? LOOK where it got him. Life is not without risks, to try and avoid every single speed bump, every tight turn and every shady corner, would be to lose sight of what life is really about. It's about the rush we get from sheer and utter bliss. It's not about the breaths we take, rather the moments that take our breath away (Cheesy? yes. Wrong? No.)
Life is a Kaleidoscope; a barrage of ideas fired at us in quick succession. What we make of them, is up to us and us alone. NEVER for others to tell us how, why and what to see in them. Take what you see and make it your own! That's your right. Your inalienable right to a choice. A choice to live life the way YOU want to, not the way you THINK you should live it.

Purge. Recapture. Live.

We see what we want to, and to others it may be completely different. One man's treasure is another's trash. The most brilliant diamond; a piece of dirt. The most delicate bloom; a loathsome weed. It goes on, and on, and on. Once lost, we forget the ties we held and we see things in a new eye, sometimes better, sometimes worse than we saw them before. WE must do what's right by us. It's a fool's errand to do otherwise.

The past is not the present, nor will it be the future unless YOU allow it to. Those who live in the past, allow it to transcend to the present, live beyond its time and (without due action) become the future that awaits all of us. Lose yourself, and you find what you are REALLY made of. Lose all the preconceived facts that you THINK make up who you are, and you get to the nitty-gritty, cold, hard beauty that is YOU. From there, you write your own person, your own choices, your own beliefs, your own fate. Look in the mirror, everything you are is a result of your choices. You are the artist of your own life: a painting of epic proportions, a mosaic of untold beauty, a sculpture of the utmost detail and a piece of music the likes of which the world has NEVER heard, nor will it ever again.

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