Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Stronger together,
Than we are alone.
Risks and gambles,
Against the unknown.

Constant, this love,
this love that has grown.
Flowing always,
Like river against stone.

A wayward ship,
At the beck of the breeze.
Tossed to and fro,
Upon these high seas.

But where to rest?
No port kept ready.
You are my anchor.
You keep me steady.

This love my dear,
It keeps us whole.
Fills our mind,
Our heart, our soul.

Never dwindling,
But always so bright.
Standing tall,
Set to take flight
Like birds in may,
Soar to new heights,
Through good and bad,
Past pleasure and plight.

So here I scrawl:
Continue this fight,
This battle, this brawl.
Against our might
Obstacles fall,

Day or night
Big or small,
Remember, sweetheart:
Love conquers all.

For Shalina

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