Monday, February 6, 2012

High School Flirt

Trudging down grey hallways,
Though they seem to stretch for miles.
Twists and turns past jocks and nerds,
Their dark glares and fake smiles.
Turns the corner and there she is,
His heart now in his throat,
What do I say? How to say it?
As she pulls on her coat.
Dark blue jeans sit just right,
Below a pitch black shirt.
Her bag sits packed, now’s the time,
But I don’t know how to flirt!
Her dark brown hair cascades down,
Like water’s heavy fall.
Across her shoulders, moulded fair,
Down past her silken shawl.
Eyes so warm, they draw him in.
He’s locked now in a daze.
Longing, yearning, aching for
A glimpse, a glance, a gaze!
The bell has tolled, the stampede’s begun.
Though it seems to drag on forever.
But he knows better of that damned clock,
It’s really now or never.
Cautious steps, he shuffles forward,
Like a mouse in the lion’s den.
But oh, what’s this? Another guy?!
Starts to make his move right then!
This cannot be! Goddamnit all!
His heart sinks low again.
But he summons his strength, says his prayer,
Then utters a quick ‘amen’.

He circles in, now the lion,
And quickly yells out “Hey!”
“Jack,” he says “Ms. Peters asked,
That I get you right away.”
The boy, he gave a puzzled look,
But didn’t give any sass.
After all, he knew better.
He was already failing that class.
As he dashed off, the girl seemed startled,
“Is it true?” she frowned.
Our hero shook his head and then he said.
“I couldn’t have him around.”
“Why ever not?” the girl protested,
And she stood straight and stout.
The boy he grinned, put up his hands,
“Why don’t you just hear me out?”
With her hands on her hips, she waited to hear.
What this young dog had to say.
After all, it seemed rather rude,
To keep her late on a school day.
“You see,” he said, “I must confess.
I’ve been keeping secrets from you.”
She waited to hear what would come next,
She really hadn’t a clue.
Her heart, it drummed beneath her chest,
Like a hummingbird’s swift wings.
His words they moved her, swung her, proved her,
Like a puppet tied to its strings.
“Go on, what is it?” She begged to know.
Could this really be true?
Our hero grinned, then eye to eye,
Said “I’m in love with you.”

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